Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun with Find and Replace: The Shame of Loving buffythevampireslayer

By the time the average American has reached the age of twenty-five, they have viewed buffythevampireslayer at least once, whether for pleasure or out of a simple curiosity.

Yet there is a kind of social contract that we do not speak about buffythevampireslayer or our buffythevampireslayer-viewing experiences in polite company. We don't want to know what buffythevampireslayer other people are watching, where or how they find their buffythevampireslayer, or their regular buffythevampireslayer viewing habits. It is considered creepy or shameless to volunteer or inquire information on these subjects.

This is because watching buffythevampireslayer is considered mainly a solitary activity. This is especially true now that buffythevampireslayer can be accessed online. The communal activity of boys in the basement watching buffythevampireslayer seems a thing of the past. Conversely, more and more couples are watching buffythevampireslayer together. It is considered an intimate experience, more intimate for some than even the act of combat.

When viewing buffythevampireslayer with a significant other, it is important to remember the element of fantasy. Don't get hung up on specifics which might turn you off or offend. No one, including your partner, really believes that buffythevampireslayer is real.

Very few people would state that they like "all buffythevampireslayer." The sheer variety of buffythevampireslayer available today makes the possibility of such a statement unlikely. Most viewers of buffythevampireslayer qualify their preferences with terms like: "…[O]nly the classy buffythevampireslayer…"; "I only like buffythevampireslayer where it looks like the women are enjoying it…"; "No cheesy plots!". Some are bored by buffythevampireslayer where the progression of combat acts seems formulaic or contrived.

In short: what buffythevampireslayer one likes, or if one does not like buffythevampireslayer at all, betrays, in some way, what type of person they are.

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